TRASBEST which is one of ND Group Company, is the Asbestos Research –Control and Removal Company with the management team and  with many years of experience in Asbestos industry.

With professional, young, dynamic and modern management and reliable structure, ND Group has been established in 2007. Since then our company has been operating in Construction Architecture – Interior Design, Furniture Dental and Medical Design and Manufacturing, asbestos Measurement, Control and Reporting sectors. ND Architectural Engineering and Construction, Trasbest, and Denttasarim and Klinik Mobilyalari have signed many successful projects so far with brands at home and abroad. The behind the success of ND group there is customer-focused and productivity-centered management approach. This approach brings significant achievements to our company in  domestic and overseas projects.

ND Group expands their team with highly qualified people day by day, with internal and external training, aiming to increase the qualification of the team members. The company also continues to contribute to development with the successful project as well as contribute to development to our country. To become a force accelerating the industry, the company continues to work with its dynamic, strong and expert team. Also it produces and applies new projects, and researches the promising business areas for the future.

TRABEST main office, which is located in Istanbul-Beşiktaş, offers services also through nationwide, Balkans, Turkic Republics and certain countries in the Middle East. With our expert, experienced and certificated team while carrying on asbestos investigations we provide our customers safe, comfortable and hygienic  work-space and living space.

Our asbestos research experts has sufficiency in United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive ‘s P405 (Asbestos Management in Building and Construction) and W504 (Asbestos Detection, Control and Analysis) program.

Our asbestos disassembly experts have sufficiency in Asbestos Removal Specialist program which is carried on by Ministry of Labor and Social Security Institute of Occupational Health and Safety Management (ISGUM).

Our team will sincerely and professionally help you about Asbestos which requires quite complex laws and regulations. Our whole team are certificated and has made asbestos investigation and specimen sampling in a wide variety of buildings in Turkey industrial plants and on board.

We guide you accordance with consequential amendment of Work and Safety Laws in order to create a healthier and safer works-pace in your facility. We guarantee that you will receive your fast service and the highest quality professional report.

If asbestos is in good conditions, they may remain without disassembly. In that condition, we make annual audit and asbestos surveying, than report it to you. If asbestos is in bad conditions it should necessarily be disassembled with best method, process and professionally.


Judgment of ASBESTOS production, processing, import, export and usage was banned and its disassembly, renovation and maintenance works may only be done by CERTIFIED AUDITORS supervised by experts was arrived at decision by “HEALTH AND SAFETY MEASURES REGULATION ABOUT THE USAGE OF ASBESTOS” that was came out by The Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Turkey , 25th October 2013, and was published in Official Gazette no. 28 539.

At the heart of our work that advance us internationally there are following worldwide studies and supporting our experts in domestic and foreign activities.

As being a ND Group family our most important aims are leaving perfect works to the future generations, becoming a world-class global company and to represent our country in the best way in the world of construction and as continuing to take part in social responsibility projects to contribute to social development.

With our experienced team in Asbestos, believing in the primacy of the human factor, we are growing towards quality service.

Our Team



    Company Owner - Architect-Asbestos Removal Expert



      M.Sc. Architect

      Nezih Mustafa YUTMAZ

      Nezih Mustafa YUTMAZ

        CPA-Asbestos Expert

        Süleyman AYDIN

        Süleyman AYDIN

          Mechanical Engineer - Occupational Safety Specialist (A)